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Proper heating throughout a home or business is crucial, especially during the winter months. Ensuring peace of mind that your home or office is well heated and energy efficient is top priority. So, with products from top manufacturers such as Belimo, Flo-Fab and Viega your comfort is guaranteed and heating costs well maintained.


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Axiom Industries manufactures innovative system pressurization packages for closed hydronic heating and cooling systems. Our units maintain the required static fill pressure in closed hydronic systems with no connection to a potable water supply.

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Belimo is a world leader in the HVAC market place supplying innovative, energy efficient solution for buildings.



Flo Fab was established in 1981 by Denis Gauvreau, who now has thirty-five years experience in this field. The main purpose of the company was to serve as a distributor of several different pump and HVAC accessories manufacturers

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MDC – Mark David Canada

Mark David Canada Inc. is the destination of choice for any and all diesel engine requirements.

Sigma Corporation

SIGMA Corporation

SIGMA Corporation offers a wide range of waterworks, fire protection, and OEM products for customers at home and abroad.

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A tekmar control system adds value to any building by improving the efficiency and durability of the HVAC system while increasing the comfort and quality of indoor living.

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Van Packer

Van-Packer is the manufacturer of custom built chimney, stacks and breeching systems for boilers and process applications.

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Viega, a family-owned company since 1899, whose worldwide headquarters is located in Attendorn, Germany, is the global leader in manufacturing and distributing plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems. Manufacturing facilities also located in the USA.

• PureFlow Plumbing systems
• ProPress copper systems
• ProPress Gas systems (ProPressG)

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Weksler Glass Thermometer Corp.

The WGTC the adjust-angle industrial thermometer and other products that have been a mainstay of the worldwide HVAC market for over 75 years.


Sub-Agent for Hydronic Systems


Distributor in USA and Canada of towel warmers, radiators, and convector heating products for residential and commercial applications.

Zora Neale Hurston

Sub-Agent for Hydronic Systems


Pahlén leading manufacture of swimming pool equipment with more than 40years of experience. Products made of acid-proof stainless steel and titanium.

Water Temperature Controls

Gauges and Thermometers

Plate and framed and brazed heat exchangers

Packaged Hydronic Glycol Systems

Feeder and Accessories

Wall fin – Convectors, Force Flow, Unit Heaters, Radiant Panels

PureFlow Plumbing systems